Elance HTML 4.01 skill test Anser

Dear all Visitor, Here you found Elance Skill test. When you try to take this Test, Most of the question you will found Common but some can be dissimilar.

Elance HTML 4.01 Test Answer

Question no. 1 Which of the following statements is correct for a blockquote?

a. It make the text a bit bigger for emphasizing.
b. It defines the start of a long quote.
c. It makes the text slightly bolder.

Ans: b. It defines the start of a long quote.

Question no. 2 Which of the following is incorrect about the relation between HTML and XHTML?

a. XHTML is a stricter and cleaner version of HTML.
b. XHTML is almost identical to HTML 4.01.
c. XHTML and HTML both are used to generate dynamic content.
d. XHTML brings together the elements of HTML and the syntax of XML.

Ans: b. XHTML is almost identical to HTML 4.01.

Question no. 3 Choose the incorrect statement(s):

a. An HTML attribute is additional information included inside a tag.
b. HTML is case sensitive.
c. All the HTML4.01 tags must be paired.
d. Your browser may appear to correctly use newly deprecated code for the present, but its support for deprecated code could be
halted at any time after the browser is updated.

Ans: b. HTML is case sensitive.

Question no. 4 Which of the following tags can be used in place of a button tag?

a. legend
b. ol
c. input
d. dl

Ans: c. input

Question no. 5

Which of the following is not a valid input type of the form tag?

a. checkbox
b. image
c. hidden
d. button
e. All are valid

Ans: e. All are valid

Question no. 6 It is not necessary to give the coordinates for an image or object defined within an area tag, if the value of its shape attribute is:

a. circle
b. poly
c. default
d. rect

Ans: c. default

Question no. 7 Which of the following is/are a valid value for the type attribute of the input tag?

a. text
b. icon
c. reset
d. password

Ans: a. text , c. reset , d. password

Question no. 8 Which of the following is not correct for an action attribute for a form tag?

a.The action attribute can be defined at runtime.
b. If the value for action is null (action=””), then the form submits user data to itself.
c. If the URL is not provided to the action attribute, the form will not submit user data anywhere.
d. None of the above

Ans: d

Question no. 9 Which of the following values is/are valid for the align attribute of a tag?

d. offset

Ans: a,b,c

Question no. 10 What do you infer from the following code? <a href = “http://www.expertrating.com”&gt; Expert Rating

a.This href is using absolute path for linking.
b. This href is an example of relative path linking.

Ans: a

Question no. 11 Which of the following statements is correct for the tag?

a. The text under block quote must be enclosed in a block level element in a strict DTD document.
b. The attribute named cite must be specified.
c. Closing the tag is optional.
d. It places an empty line after the text.

Ans: ()

Question no. 12 Which of the following is/are not true for a paragraph tag in HTML 4.01?

a. The text must be enclosed in <p> and </p> tags.
b. It creates an empty line above its starting line.
c. It cannot be used within a <td> tag.
d. It creates an empty line after its ending line.

Ans: b,c

Question no. 13 A piece of text contains many blank spaces within it. Which of the following tags would be suitable to display the text as it was originally formatted?

a. td
b. p
c. ls
d. pre

Ans: d

Question no. 14 You are creating several web pages for a website that contain several rather large data tables, many of which are somewhat similar in the number of columns, rows, and in other common table formatting. In addition, CSS will be employed for formatting the tables. Which one of the following types of CSS has the highest priority over the others and typically requires the greatest total amount of code space for the entire website for formatting the various <td> table cells?

a. External style sheet
b. Inline style
c. Internal style sheet
d. Browser default

Ans: a

Question no. 15 Which of the following attributes is/are related to the <img> tag?

a. height
b. alt
c. src
d. All of the above

Ans: d

Question no. 16 The following link is placed on an HTML webpage.

<a href=”http://msdn.com/&#8221; target=”_blank”> MSDN </a>
What do you infer from it?

a. It will open the site msdn.com in the same window.
b. It will open the site msdn.com in a new window.
c. It will open the site msdn.com in a frame below.
d. It will not be clickable as it is not formed correctly.

Ans: b

Question no. 17 Is the following code valid in HTML 4.01 Strict?

<ul><li><ol><li>A</li><li>B</li><ul><li>Item1</li><li>Item 2</li></ul><li>C</li></ol></li></ul>

a. Perfectly valid.
b. Invalid because you should not have three levels of nesting in the lists.
c. Invalid because you should not have an unordered list within an ordered list.
d. Invalid because a <ul> tag should not conflict with an <ol> tag at the same list level.

Ans: a

Question no. 18 Which of the following values for the scrolling attribute for the frame tag is not valid?

a. yes
b. default
c. auto
d. no

Ans: B (check by me)

Question no. 19 Which of the following is/are not correct for a <meta> tag in HTML 4.01?

a. It is more useful if it is placed in a head element.
b. It can be used to specify the keywords for the search engines.
c. It can be used to redirect users to other URLs.
d. It is mandatory to specify its name or scheme attributes.

Ans: d

Question no. 20 The tag that is used to pass the parameters to an applet is:

a. appletpar
b. applet
c. param
d. val

Ans: c

Question no. 21 Which of the following attributes is/are valid for a select tag contained within a form tag?

a. name
b. size
c. multiple
d. All of the above

Ans: d

Question no. 22 For the following items of a <select> list:

<option value=”89″>Item 1</option>
<option value=”90″>Item 2</option>
Which of the following values would be passed on by clicking the submit button on selecting Item 2 from the list?

a. 89
b. 90
c. Item 1
d. Item 2

Ans: b

Question no. 23 You have to add a list of products in a drop-down list. What will you use to group the identical products under a category name?

a. optgroup
b. option
c. menu
d. var
e. There is no way to do this

Ans: a

Question no. 24 Which of the following shows the basic tag structure of an HTML document?

a. <html><head><body></body></html>
b. <html><body></body></html>
c. <html><head></head><body></body></html>
d. <html><head></head></html>


Question no. 25 You want to provide a form field to the users for writing lengthy comments on the quality of the services provided by you. Which of the following tags will you use?

a. <textarea rows=”8″ cols=”20″> Your Comments…. </textarea>
b. <textarea row=”8″ col=”20″> Your Comments…. </textarea>
c. <textarea rowcount=”8″ colcount=”20″> Your Comments…. </textarea>
d. <input type=”text” maxlength=”100″/>

Ans: d (Confusion by me)

Question no. 26 Which of the following set of coordinate values refers to an image defined by the area tag with the value of poly for its shape attribute?

a. coords=”150,217,190,257,150,297,110,257″
b. coords=”150,190,150,110″
c. coords=”150,217,190,257,150″
d. coords=”150,110,190,220,150,150,120″

Ans: b

Question no. 27 What is meant by the cellspacing attribute?

a. It makes the cell span more than one column.
b. It specifies the space between the cell wall and the contents of the cell.
c. It specifies the space between two cells.
d. It makes the cell span more than one row.

Ans: c

Question no. 28 Which of the following attributes comes in handy when borders have to be put between groups of columns instead of every column?

a. col
b. colgroup
c. rowspan
d. row

Ans: b

Question no. 29 A few lines in an HTML paragraph are to be formatted differently from the rest of the lines. Which tag will assist in this?

a. div
b. p
c. span
d. format

Ans: b

Question no. 30 How will you specify a comment in an HTML document?

a. <!!- Here is a comment… -!>
b. <-Here is a comment.. ->
c. <!– Here is a comment.. –>
d. <! Here is a comment… -!>

Ans: c

Question no. 31 Which of the following is correct regarding the frame attribute in the <table> tag?

a. It is used to add a frame to the table.

b. A hsides value for the frame attribute will show the border lines for horizontal sides only.
c. A hsides value for the frame attribute will not show the border lines for horizontal sides only.
d. A hsides value for the frame attribute will add a scrollable frame on the horizontal sides.

Ans: b

Question no. 32 What is meant by cellpadding?

a. It makes the cell span more than one column.

b. It specifies the space between the cell wall and the contents of the cell.
c. It specifies the space between two cells.
d. It makes the cell span more than one row.

Ans:  b
Question no. 33 Within a table cell <td>:

a. <p></p> tags cannot be used.
b. <ol></ol> tags cannot be used
c. <table></table> tags cannot be used.
d. <form></form> tags cannot be used.

e. All the above tags could be used.

Ans: e

Question no. 34 A developer wrote this image tag:

<img src =”states.gif” width =”330″ height =”406″ alt=”States”
usemap =”#statemap” />
What code should follow this?

a. <map id =”statemap” name=”statemap”>
<area shape =”rect” coords =”0,0,82,126″ href=”state1.htm”
alt=”State1″ />
b. <map id =”statemap” name=”statemap”> </map>
<area shape =”rect” coords =”0,0,82,126″ href=”state1.htm”
alt=”State1″ />
c. <map id =”statemap” name=”statemap”>
<img area shape =”rect” coords =”0,0,82,126″ href=”state1.htm”
alt=”State1″ /> </map>
d. <map id =”statemap” name=”statemap”>
<img area shape =”rect” coords =”0,0,82,126″ href=”state1.htm”
alt=”State1″ /> </map>

Ans: ()

Question no. 35 You want to display a table listing out customer names and their contact information. The heading of the table is shown in the figure. What is the code for creating the first line of the table heading?

a. <tr>
<th>Customer Name</th>
<th colspan=3>Contact</th>
b. <tr>
<th>Customer Name</th>
<th cellpadding=3>Contact</th>
c. <tr>
<th>Customer Name</th>
<th rowspan=3>Contact</th>
d. <tr>
<th>Customer Name</th>
<th cellspacing=3>Contact</th>

<tr> <th>Customer Name</th> <th cellpadding=3>Contact</th> </tr>   Ans:

Question no. 36 What would you infer from the following code in an HTML 4.01 Web site? <body topmargin=2 leftmargin=2>

a. The top margin and left margin of the webpage is 2 pixels.
b. The bottom margin and right margin of the web page is 2 pixels.
c. Both of the above.
d. None of the above. The topmargin and leftmargin attributes are not valid HTML 4.01 body attributes.

Ans: a

Question no. 37 You specified a base tag and anchors as follows:

1. <base target=”_blank”>
2. <a href=”http://www.yahoo.com”>Yahoo</a&gt;
3. <a href=”http://www.google.com&#8221; target=”_top”>Google</a>
Which of the following is true for the above code?

a. Only the Yahoo link will open in a new window.
b. Only the Google link will open in a new window.
c. Both links will open in a new window.
d. Both links will open in the same window.

Ans: c

Question no. 38 On one of your Web pages named Listing.html, you specified a target like this:

<a name=”target4″>Old Listing</a>
How will you make a link to the above target?

a. <a url=”#target4″>Check Old Listing as well</a>
b. <a href=”#target4″>Check Old Listing as well</a>
c. <link url=”target4″>Check Old Listing as well</link>
d. <a href=”Listing.target4″>Check Old Listing as well</a>

Ans: b

Question no. 39 Which attribute specifies the submit URL in a form tag?

a. method
b. action
c. name
d. id

Ans: b

Question no. 40 The tag which is used to show monospaced text is:

a. <td>
b. <th>
c. <tt>
d. <b>

Ans: b


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